What are you supposed to do when your dumbass upstairs neighbor ND's through your ceiling?

What are you supposed to do when your dumbass upstairs neighbor ND's through your ceiling?

  1. 3 weeks ago

    shoot back

    • 3 weeks ago

      Shoot back

      Shoot blacks

      somebody once told me the world was gonna mhanz me i aint the sharpest zavizi in the arunza
      well when aola keep coming aola keep comin
      hey now you're a cocksuck very very mhanz man
      oh that shootting is gold only gooter god brake the mooou

      • 3 weeks ago

        well said

  2. 3 weeks ago

    Shoot back

  3. 3 weeks ago

    Shoot blacks

  4. 3 weeks ago
    • 3 weeks ago

      stick an endoscope up through the hole

      • 3 weeks ago

        stick an artfully carved sausage through the gloryhole. See if anyone on the other side tries to take a taste.

    • 3 weeks ago

      That's a drill marking, you screwed in a screw and took it out.

    • 3 weeks ago

      moron we can see the fucking threads in there. why do you waste peoples time like this? do you actually have fun doing this?

    • 3 weeks ago

      You fuck off back where you came from

  5. 3 weeks ago

    you also ND through your ceiling

    • 3 weeks ago

      btw i dont know your local laws so consult a lawyer because this is not legal advice its just something that you could do in minecraft

      • 3 weeks ago

        good thinking, now you can’t be prosecuted for your (anonymous) PrepHole(nel) post

  6. 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for this new fear, anon.

    Either call the landlord and tell him what happened to get the guy removed or go to him yourself and say gtfo or I'm calling the landlord if you want him to keep his gun license

    • 3 weeks ago

      >gun license
      By the way, OP drilled a hole into his wall.
      He's blaming the neighbor to get him kicked out.

      • 3 weeks ago

        OP should get a job and save your money and buy a house instead of drilling holes in your wall trying to get a kid kicked out because your rent is late.

    • 3 weeks ago

      >I'm gonna tell teacher!!!
      Be better anon.

    • 3 weeks ago

      He shouldn't keep his gun license because he's a moron.

  7. 3 weeks ago

    if you're civilized call the cops and then your landlord

    if you're a moron, return fire

    if you're a veteran with PTSD, take cover and then return fire

  8. 3 weeks ago

    Call the police and you'll never have to worry about him ND'ing into your ceiling again with no guns

    • 3 weeks ago

      if you're civilized call the cops and then your landlord

      if you're a moron, return fire

      if you're a veteran with PTSD, take cover and then return fire

      >ruin a guy's life by landing him in jail and making him unemployable over an accident

      You people are fucked up

      • 3 weeks ago

        You are assuming this was an ND and there isn't a dead guy in the apartment above him.

        • 3 weeks ago

          >You are assuming this was an ND and there isn't a dead guy in the apartment above him.

        • 3 weeks ago

          Pretty sure blood would be seeping through.

      • 3 weeks ago

        >rightfully punish a dipshit moron cunt who is lucky as fuck his ND didn't kill his downstairs neighbor
        it's turnabout you fucking gay idiots like upstairs moron here deserve it

      • 3 weeks ago

        There's a difference between "ow, you stepped on my toe" and "holy fuck that retard nearly killed me"

      • 3 weeks ago


      • 3 weeks ago

        >ruin your neighbors life by shooting him because you’re incapable of handling a firearm correctly
        Go fuck yourself retard, you shouldn’t have a gun. OP, call your landlord and a lawyer.

  9. 3 weeks ago

    black mail them saying you'll call the cops unless they let you in and then you can have hot blackmail secks

  10. 3 weeks ago

    Go in there and end him. He's violated the NAP. His life is now forfeit.

  11. 3 weeks ago

    call the cops you retard

  12. 3 weeks ago

    >calling the cops over a harmless prank with the bros

  13. 3 weeks ago

    Go yell at the dumb bastard for putting a hole in your ceiling.
    Then get him to fix the hole.

  14. 3 weeks ago

    move into a non-cardboard house

  15. 3 weeks ago

    Post the floor

  16. 3 weeks ago

    I would compromise on calling the police and tell the guy I want the gun he accidentally fired into my apartment, because I need to feel safe, meaning I need to get that gun out of his hands one way or another. Really, the cost of a single gun and zero paperwork or legal hassle is a much cheaper option for the guy than getting him kicked out or in jail, in which case he probably loses the gun anyways and possibly any others he has.

    He might be unstable though, so I'd tell my plan to someone just in case he decides to "accidentally" shoot through his floor a whole lot more.

  17. 3 weeks ago

    stick your cock through the gunshot hole

  18. 3 weeks ago

    You sure about that or was he wondering what would happen?

  19. 3 weeks ago


  20. 3 weeks ago

    I've never seen an apartment with a vent like that in the ceiling to the stranger living above.
    Do you talk to each other through there and does he hear when you are below?

    • 3 weeks ago

      The vent is connected to the duct work it doesn't connect to the floor above.

    • 3 weeks ago

      The vent is connected to the duct work it doesn't connect to the floor above.

      >have vent that connects upstairs neighbor to my kitchen
      >have your meals at the same time
      >"hey bro, pass the salt"
      >upstairs neighbor shoves fist through vent, salt shaker in hand
      >"thanks, bro"
      >"anytime, bro"
      Why do I want this?

      • 3 weeks ago

        becuase youre chronically online/at home and have no friends or relationships in real life. thus you want both 1) to have connection with another human and 2) to be able to still lock yourself inside

        • 3 weeks ago

          Actually, that's probably exactly what it is. In my defense, I was kept separate from other kids for basically my entire childhood so I'm just used to sitting around and existing in my free time

          • 3 weeks ago

            its alright, there is a difference between being alone and being lonely 🙂

  21. 3 weeks ago

    glory hole. time for some fun.

  22. 3 weeks ago

    >Living in an apartment
    Fuck me I don't get. You could keep your shit clean and be responsible but the gay above you could fuck your drains. Once dealt with a room that had the shitter clog when the tenant wasn't there over Thanksgiving. Except the clog got stuck on the lower floor and it caused 3 days of shit water flowing out and into the surrounding rooms and carpet.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Not OP but I prefer renting my housing because I don't want to be tied down to one house for some vast stretch of time. I want the ability to move somewhere else on a whim, or at least within a year. Also, I like livnig in dense urban places, and detached houses are either hard to come by or extremely expensive in those places.

      • 3 weeks ago

        You can just say you're poor, gay. This is an anonymous board.

    • 3 weeks ago

      You don't have enough money for a house yet, that is the only reason anyone lives in an apartment.

  23. 3 weeks ago

    Tell him you'll call the cops if he doesn't give you the gun.

  24. 3 weeks ago

    Glory hole time

  25. 3 weeks ago

    Tell your neighbor you need $1000 to hire a contractor to repair the damage. Keep the cash and patch it up yourself.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Based, and the landlord will bill you for it so best make that clear.

  26. 3 weeks ago

    so the round clearly came through the ceiling. show us the impact on the carpet or the bullet. gay.

  27. 3 weeks ago

    >when in doubt, escalate
    Return fire, reload, return more fire, eventually you will here a "thump" like a large sack of meat hitting the floor above you. Mission accomplished, Like A Boss.

  28. 3 weeks ago

    They've happened a few times

    >At friends apartment at college. Just bought my first pistol from a gun show (I was 18)
    >Drinking with friends
    >Show them my new Jericho
    >Try to manually decock
    >Thumb slips on hammer, ND into celling
    >Upstairs neighbors too high and drunk (underage and illegal drugs) to call the police.

    Second time
    >At range
    >Showing friend pistol
    >Think gun is unloaded
    >Point at ground show him how to wrack and pull the trigger.
    >Forgot loaded mag in
    >Shoot between his feet

    Third time
    >At parents house.
    >Just bought a sig from a guy
    >Get home
    >Try swapping slides with another sig I had
    >Forgot the other sig slide was chambered.
    >Pull trigger
    >Shoot parents wall

    Fourth time
    >At my new house
    >Playing with a friend's 5.56 AK
    >Release bolt
    Slam fires round into ground

    Fith time
    >Showing a friend how to use it
    >No idea how but a round got chambered
    >Show him how the trigger works,
    >Pull trigger
    >Shoots round into floor in the same place as before

    Sixth time
    >Thought maybe the house was haunted
    >Grab a sig
    >Physically clear it, (racked the slide 3 times) with no magazine in
    > pull trigger at the same hole
    >Round goes off

    Seventh time
    >Friend brings over a used Glock wants me to look over it
    >I grab it and pull the trigger without clearing it
    >Didn't even realize the thing was loaded.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Eighth time
      >Friend brings over his transferable Mac 10
      >I had no idea how open bolt guns worked.
      >He's showing it off to me
      >I put a loaded mag it and decided to try and release the bolt (I thought it shot from a closed bolt)
      >Pulled the trigger for some reason
      >Shot 3 rounds into my wall

      Ninth time
      >be me, lcpl, 2111 small arms repair, usmc reserves.
      >1. Officers go to range for pistol qualifications. I'm the armorer on deck. Officers lined up at firing line listening to course of fire. Dark green skipper promptly shoots ground at his feet. I have to give him another round. Dickhead should have had that round count against his score.
      >2. Roll into the armory one day and everyone is oddly quiet. Smell burnt powder. People are rubbing their ears. See chipped concrete floor. Armorers carry loaded m9's and sarge fucking popped one inside the armory. That information never left the armory, so no one got in trouble.


      Tenth Time
      >cold as fuck (like 3° outside)
      >new BP pistol I got myself for my birthday
      >have thick wool gloves on
      >cock the gun
      >fire down range
      >wew it smells like bbq
      >cock the hammer while tilting revolver back to clear the previous cap that got jammed
      >gloves plus fingers = that shit fired
      >put a .44 caliber hole through the top of the shed we were under
      >feel retarded

      • 3 weeks ago

        Eleventh time
        >in training
        >it's Wales
        >I hate Wales
        >it's raining
        >day 4 of a 7 day exercise
        >settling into an admin routine after conducting a night raid, we're all pisswrapped and tired
        >taking my boots off in my shell scrape to change socks to prevent that sweet sweet trench foot
        >girl one scrape over is stripping weapon to clean
        >battle buddy is looking visibly concerned at her
        >"hey aren't you supposed to take off the mag-"
        >Naughty Dennis makes an appearance
        >not expecting the ND, so I jump forward knocking over my mess tin and stick my foot in the dragon fuel heating the water scalding the sole of my foot
        >deathly silence and that sinking oh shit feeling sinks in
        >it's still raining
        >I fucking hate Wales

        Twelth Time
        >Basic Training
        >Just defended BIV site from enemy attack for our training
        >Go to rifle clearing station before entering site again
        >Two women are ahead of me in line.
        >They don't remove their mags before clearing, so blank rounds gets loaded into their chambers.
        >Go to dry fire, both rifles go off and our instructors hear.
        >They're immediately ordered to the command tent
        >Rest of the time in the field they carried sticks and now have a serious incident charge on their records.

        Thirteenth time
        >get home after a long day out
        >run to the bathroom
        >wash my hands
        >no towel in the bathroom so kinda half ass wipe them on my pants
        >take out ccw
        >try to manually decock it
        >hammer slips from my thumb
        >put a hole through my sink and water line
        >guessing maybe 10 gallons of water sprayed out before I could turn it off

        • 3 weeks ago

          please stop. this wasn't funny even the first 43 times it was posted.

          • 3 weeks ago

            The 46th time it'll fuckin knock em dead though.

            • 3 weeks ago

              >it'll fuckin knock em dead
              hopefully the asshole posting it

        • 3 weeks ago

          Fourteeth time
          >Go to the local range with a buddy at university
          >ROTC group there teaching new cadets to shoot
          >Be using the steel targets and one of them in full tacticool battle rattle approaches
          >Starts talking to us about pistols and bragging about his "service"
          >Friend and I humoring him and chatting about our .45 pistols
          >He starts going on about how 9mm is better for the military and it's better to have more rounds when "you're in the shit".
          >As he's pointing it at the ground talking about this shooting technique he learned. Where he places his pointing finger just below the slide and pull the trigger with the middle finger.
          >He then discharges the pistol no even 1ft from my foot. I look down at my foot in shock.
          >Starts playing it off and I'm like you are a stupid fuck.
          >Gets indigent and starts saying it was just an accident get over it.
          >Go up to the guys Captain (Actual Captain not gay ROTC Captain) and explain what his cadet just did. He stares at the guy and just apologizes and summons the guy over.
          >We leave afterwards but I like to think nothing happened as ROTC are a bunch of pampered gays.

          Fifteenth time
          >spent all day cleaning a and removing and engine from an exhaust fan in my kitchen
          >finish tired and angry at 1 am
          >hop in my bed cause i had class at 8 am
          >then out of nowhere my dog starts loosing his shit and gose to my deck
          >i grab my shotty with 4 in the tube and open my deck door
          > i proceed to rack my welfare classic maverick 88 with one hand thinking i was a badass scaring off the bad guys
          >what ever that was their ran off and i walk back in thinking i protected my castle
          >i proceed to walk into my kitchen to quench the thirst of the king
          > i point my scepter at the cabinet and "dryfire"
          >all that fine china, gone in a flash
          > i was so tired that i forgot to check the chamber
          > i proceeded to feel like a retard for the next couple months and still get shit for it too this day

          • 3 weeks ago

            Sixteenth time
            >Be drinking white claws
            >Get a good buzz going
            >Decide to play with Ruger Vaquero
            >Forget I had it loaded with ratshot
            >Accidentally pepper TV screen with tons of pellets

            Seventeenth time
            >buy a pistol with the hammer exposed
            >thought if the hammer is down i dont need to keep it on safety
            >show it to my bro
            >he points it at wall facing moms side
            >he pulls the trigger
            >the hammer MOVES BY ITSELF from his retard strength
            >gun goes off

            Eighteenth time
            >typing list of ND's
            >move hand from keyboard to mouse to hit post
            >hand grabs pistol on desk
            >shoot a 9x18 into wall

            • 3 weeks ago

              Nineteenth time
              >carry suppressed old .22lr hammer fired because if/when have to shoot defensively don't want sirens and lights and shit, just want to scuttle away with collar pulled up to hide from all the vidya
              >so can't always IWB depending on clothing/weather
              >carry in shoulder bag, sometimes very compact one, muzzle pointed at sky, hammer down on a loaded chamber as the hammer must be cocked to fire and I'm faster doing that than racking the slide
              >at small grocery store with 10 year old son. Yes, he knew.
              >slip shoulder bag off to dig out grocery bag at cash register
              >slips too fast, bag hits floor
              >little noise, as of breaking glass thermometer or something
              >quite bright in store, and as my heart rate goes through the roof and I try to look calm while picking up bag, digging out grocery bag, pulling out money to pay... a thin stream of drywall dust falls between the three of us, me, my son, and the store owner
              >son sees it too, his eyes and mine both dart to the ceiling maybe 12 feet up
              >I quickly force my eyes down and deal with bagging veggies and stuff

              Twentyith time
              >playing with my takedown .22
              >half rack slide and look in chamber
              >nothing there
              >slam foreend home
              >pull trigger
              >round goes off
              >turns out the extractor broke and didn't clear the gun when I racked the slide

              Twenty-First time
              >Playing with K98 in my house
              >Leave the rifle loaded at some point and forget
              >Sometimes, I like to take out the magazine and dry fire to practice working the bolt
              >Remove magazine from the rifle and the four rounds within
              >Forget I had one in the chamber
              >Proceed to pull trigger

              Twenty-Second time
              >I heard a noise on the balcony
              >grabbed my gun, Custom Sig P365 9 mm Federal hollow point.
              >squeezed the trigger
              >fired a hole through 3 feet of wall, into and out of my fridge, it bounced off the floor, and buried itself in some wood.

              • 3 weeks ago

                Twenty-Third time
                >be me college kid lives at home
                >on zoom call dry firing my new glock 17 with no magazines because hi cap mags didnt come with
                > mic muted video off
                > remember I have one spare 9mm round
                > drop it in the chamber aim down sights take it out
                > rinse and repeat
                > drop it in the chamber close the slide set the gun down
                > answer question asked of me on zoom class
                > mute mic pick up glock continue dry fire practice
                > BANG
                > first shot of the gun was ND through my desk frame into the wood trimming of my room
                > ears ringing
                > open the door to my room and my brother just looks at me and calls me a fucking idiot
                > start laughing and explain to him how retarded I was and to never tell anyone ever lmao
                > he tells me in sounded like a large textbook hitting the ground
                > to this day none of my friends know
                > i now have two 19 round glock mags and 3 10 rounders
                > keep my glock loaded 90% of the time
                > chalk up the ND to a one off and triple check everytime I dry fire practice

                Twenty-Fourth time
                >walk into motorcycle dealership and inform the staff that I am carrying (concealed)
                >strike up conversation with parts counter guy and once again inform him that I am carrying (concealed)
                >wanted to show him how easy I can field strip my Glock 19
                >pull out gun, rack slide, drop mag, and pull trigger to disassemble
                >round goes off and buries into wooden table in middle of store

                Twenty-Seventh time
                >hanging out having a few drinks decide to watch Sicareo 2 again
                >get to the part where Benecio straight murders the guy in the street
                >im like a much less svelte version of him(portugese/itialian with a little Malta thrown in)
                >usually unload my firearms when libations are present but I had some weirdo FedEx guy give the stink eye earlier
                >go to recreate the bumpfire scene and AD 4 times in a row

              • 3 weeks ago

                Twenty-Eighth time
                >be me 2018
                >inna mall shoppin
                >have to take a shit
                >pop a squat
                >bored out of my mind
                >cant shit
                >come on get out
                >rabbit turd
                >gonna be here a while
                >pull out Model 69
                >happy i have a toilet gun
                >mirin my baby
                >checkin for anything wrong with her
                >shes fucking perfect
                >bowel movement finally
                >brown snake inna toilet
                >clean self up
                >legs are asleep trying to get off toilet
                >grab cripple assistance bar to help me up
                >fucking ND into the restroom toilet
                >people screaming
                >get my fucking pants on and run outta bathroom with others
                >pretend i know nothing and act scared swith all the other folk that i heard gunshot
                >go home
                >PTSD of embarrassment has caused me to get a tick every time i remember incident

                Twenty-Ninth time
                >Basic training, finished urban training with blanks.
                >Clear rifle in front of DS. Begin 12m ruck back to the bays.
                >Bored as shit for 3 hours. Constantly switch selector back and forth between safe and fire.
                >Even put pressure on trigger a lot bringing it to the edge of the break, but never firing it.
                >Get to the bays, everyone is on line in PTs ready for inspection before lights out.
                >I clear my rifle before DS walks in and see brass fly out.
                >Bunk mate sees it too, he holds my rifle as I make a dead sprint to the latrine to throw the blank away.
                >Get back online as DS walks in.

                Thirtieth time
                >be me
                >get cheap laser sight and flashlight off a range boomer
                >probably shit tier Chinese trash but free
                >install it
                >spend afternoon zeroing my sights on my ar
                >eat a dinner
                >go back outside in the dark realizing i never zeroed the laser sights sights
                >laser looks fucking awesome at night
                >far as the eye can see a full stobe goes across my yard
                >point it into the field to see how far it goes
                >ND into a cow

              • 3 weeks ago

                thirty-first time
                >be me
                >chilling out in dorm
                >practicing my slide on my pistol
                >pulling slide back and letting it go real quick
                >watching bullets eject is fun
                >hmm I wonder if I can slide it while the trigger is pulled
                >without even thinking just pull the trigger
                >ND into my oil heater
                >immedietly throw gun accross the room into my clothes basket
                >half an hour goes past, nobody has come to my room
                Lucky I got away with it

                Thirty-Second time
                >begin M9 cleaning process
                >trigger is stuck for some reason
                >"Hmm why won't the trigger move?"
                >squeeze it really hard
                >nothing happens
                >stare at M9 like retard for 15 seconds
                >"Oh, the safety!"
                >click safety off

                Thirty Third time
                >black powder season
                >been out all weekend
                >last day, about to leave empty handed
                >rainy off and on
                >using my uncles gun
                >tells me to pop it into the ground so he can clean it when we get back
                >turn to my uncle
                >hey Roy *BANG*
                >fire a round right next to his foot
                >moisture fucked up the cap and it second hangfired

                Thirty Fourth time
                >walking in back pasture with buddy
                >I have my 50s Winchester 94, he is borrowing my old NEF single 20
                >looking for hogs (or anything moving really) but get bored and start shooting bottles and anything else we can target
                >I just shot, ran the action, and loaded a new round
                >dropping the hammer to half cock so we can continue walking, my thumb slips off the hammer
                >It fires into the dirt less than 2 ft in front of my buddy, he is showered in dirt clods

                Thirty Fifth time
                >be me
                >had just gotten my first gun from my dad
                >it was a marlin .22 got a box of ammo too
                >play around with it in my room
                >loading the mag, cycling the action and watching the rounds fly out
                >older brother gets home from work
                >hey check out my new gun
                >shoot his lunchbox out of his hand

              • 3 weeks ago

                Thirty Sixth, seventh and eighth time
                >at the range
                >patterning my rifle for deer season
                >cease fire
                >put my rifle in the rack, BANG
                >ND into the roof
                >no one notices
                >targets changed, range hot
                >load a new mag
                >load round, BANG
                >put one over the berm
                >clear it and put it away, bring it to gunsmith
                >walk in, gun in storage case
                >set it down on the counter, BANG
                >sent one right between the eyes of the moose head above the entrance door

                >cleaning bolt action .308
                >new gun, not entirely familiar with the little particulars of its operation
                >disassemble and put back together
                >test to make sure rounds still enter chamber properly (safety was on)
                >cycle several rounds and decide I'm satisfied
                >throw bolt open and remove mag
                >close bolt, undo safety, dry fire to decock
                >blast a hole in my ceiling

              • 3 weeks ago

                40th time
                >bought a colt single action army clone at a gunshow
                >I wasn't sure if it was one of the ones with the transfer bar safety that you could carry hammer down on a loaded chamber
                >hold it by the grip and slam it hammer down onto the table
                >turns out it was the original style because it shot my ceiling

                41st time
                >Sighting in a scope on a friends muzzleloader
                >My friend just got done cleaning it and loaded it in his car
                >he never told me that he put a primer in it, I thought he just put the powder and bullet in it
                >I try out the trigger again because I forgot how it felt
                >Put a .50 cal hole through his passenger door

                42nd time
                >see new shotgun laying on brother’s bed
                >rack it
                >oh that’s pretty smooth
                >think it’s unloaded because no matter how many times I rack it, nothing ejects
                >aim at window
                >pull trigger
                >12 gauge boom

                43rd time
                >be anon's stepdad
                >drink heavily while cleaning guns
                >feel primal urge to pull trigger
                >ND into hand
                >stepson posts me on PrepHole

                44th time
                >Be me, a retard
                >Pointing Double action revolver at wall
                >Uncounciosly put pressure on trigger
                >New hole in drywall

                Overall you shouldn't feel too bad about NDs. If you havent ND'd lately you havent been handling your guns enough. It's part of owning guns, and you should get used to them.

              • 3 weeks ago

                the first copypasta is fine enough fag, this isnt family guy where you have to keep ging with a joke for 10 minutes hoping it returns to being funny again

  29. 3 weeks ago

    Shoot back.

  30. 3 weeks ago

    have a nice day in the foot (literally) then sue him.

  31. 3 weeks ago

    >Wall is that thin
    What the fuck America. I hope this is some sort of suburb house you rent 1 floor of because holly shit I can't believe an appartment complex would have such shitty walls

  32. 3 weeks ago

    Neighbour could loose his license and end up in huge legal trouble. Blackmail him.

    • 3 weeks ago


  33. 3 weeks ago

    Knock on their door. They're expecting you to be pissed off and they should give a grovelling apology. But you ND you entire magazine into them at point blank range. "Fuck around and find out" you say, as you turn 360 degrees and walk away, "nothing personnel, cracka ass bro".

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