How to be a better medium to large group speaker.

I haven't spoken in front of a group in over a decade, and to move up in my career I have to start becoming a decent one.
Any hints. I will google also just want to hear from people here what will work for us average joes.

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    join your local toastmasters club and go to every meeting

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      Wow thanks anon didn't know that existed.

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    Pick a topic in the morning and during the day think about a few points. That evening at home just speak out loud about it to yourself for 5 minutes just to get comfortable actually projecting your voice. Record it and then review.
    You'll find yourself stuttering, repeating yourself, umming and ahhing a lot in the beginning but the more you do it the better you'll get.
    That'll give you confidence in your abilities and that's 90% of the struggle when it comes to public speaking

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      >You'll find yourself stuttering, repeating yourself, umming and ahhing a lot in the beginning
      Oh yeah, another thing:
      Silence is better than non-words, it's much more preferable to say nothing than to go "uhhhh"

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    Rehearse speeches endlessly until you are able to do them without having to read off of something. Don't be afraid of pauses and do not worry if you forget something during the speech, just skip to the next thing and go back to it later or just repeat the entire sentence. Also have some notes with you with bullet points about the things you want to talk about as a fallback, but you wont need it if you rehearse enough and it's just a safety net to put your mind at ease.

    Also remember that most people do not pay attention to every word of your speech anyways.

    I used to be terrible at speeches and presentations but this has got me to the point of being decent at them, but I still don't like doing them.

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    I'm also looking into becoming a better public speaker.
    Also, based GLR poster. Good luck to you!

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      I told my son that if he ever dies (god forbid) I’m getting into politics and going full GLR. The only thing preventing me from doing that is I don’t want him to have to deal with the fallout from it.

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    practice each speech 30+ times in the mirror. practice in front of friends and relatives.

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    Talk to yourself a lot, speak to yourself in the mirror to see how you move and look (Hitler did this and whatever you think of him he was undoubtedly a masterful orator). When speaking get lost in it, and occasionally make Eye contact with a someone in the crowd but it doesn't have to be constant. Honestly, it's entirely possible to be shit at talking to individuals and great at public speaking since when public speaking you don't have to worry about them responding and you countering and can just talk. Have passion too that's a big thing, give a shit about it. Don't overthink it.
    >t. was always told I was impressive at public speaking

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      This book is excellent for when you REALLY get good (i.e no longer autistic, stuttering, etc.) and basically concerns how to draw and capture attention. Not necessaryily public speaking, but controlling what the public sees of you is just as important as your words.

      I'd recommend studying the techniques of Hitler (best), JFK (2nd best), Daniel Webster, Reagan, Lenin, and MAYBE Lincoln. Pericles is also good.

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    >How to be a better medium to large group speaker.
    Preparation. The more you know the material, the more comfortable you'll be. That feeling of comfort is projected as confidence to the audience.

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      The secret is to not be nervous.
      I can't help you much, public speaking and presentation has always come naturally to me, which is ironic because I'm introverted and don't like talking to people. Maybe it's because I often talk to myself like I'm presenting something to someone? No idea.
      Something I've found out is that people get nervous when presenting something to groups of people, and I think that's the cause of the inability to become an excellent public speaker.
      A lack of nervousness allows you not only to speak stutter-free, but also to think quickly, allowing you to improvise and form sentences as needed.

      Another tip I'll give you, that this anon reminded me of, is to study what you're talking about very closely.
      If you're comfortable with a topic, and know it front to back, you'll be able to fluently and perfectly talk about it.

      Another tip is gesture and motion.
      Don't stand still, or sit around.
      One thing I like to say about public speaking is that often times you're speaking a lot and saying nothing, and you're getting away with it because you LOOK like you're saying something.
      A public speaker is part orator and part actor. You must move in a way where you convey the emotion or thought that you want to convey.
      If you sit down, loot rather tired, it's a perfect moment to "be frank", you'll appear truthful because you've "let your guard down". If you gesture your hands exaggeratedly and move from side to side, you'll look excited or, depending on the tone of your voice, angry.

      >1. don't be nervous
      >2. study what you're talking about meticulously
      >3. your posture and your hands talk as much as you do, use them as tools

      Good luck with your improvement, my friend.

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    you can also take beta blockers. they inhibit that surge of adrenaline you get when you panic while speaking publicly which makes you turn red and can't remember what you want to say.

  9. 3 weeks ago

    If you're interested in the general principles behind crowd control or getting the audience to be on your side, the simplest entry level illustrations would unironically be pro wrestling promos or stand up comedy. Eric bischoff gives a decent overview on how to get an audience into your desired emotional state here Ric flair is the best example of how to slowly ramp up an audience to boiling point. Just search 'ric flair best promos' and see if you're not fully engaged with everything that comes out of that man's mouth. His cadence and changes in volume levels are impossible to ignore.

    For stand up, I'd suggest watching old Don Rickles roasts from the 70s. I'm not saying you should roast your audience during a business conference, I'd say the lesson from stand up to apply to speech giving is that comedy can be used to break a build up of tension and give the audience an emotional release. Rickles will shower his subject with compliments and release the emotional tension with a joke. I'm a decent public speaker and making the audience laugh within the first ten seconds is a great tool to calm your nerves and make you as comfortable as possible on stage as quickly as possible. Bischoff's best lesson is when he says 'you don't want to make the audience think, you want to make them feel'. If you've ever watched a great wedding speech, you'll almost certainly remember the way the speaker made you feel instead of the content of the speech itself. In that respect, the content of a good speech doesn't really matter as long as you get the desired emotional response from the audience. I also like to pay close attention to whatever my left hand is doing, which helps me to keep an eye on the muscular tension in my body and to make sure I stay as relaxed as possible. If I feel tension in my left hand I make a conscious effort to relax my neck and shoulders - a speaker with hunched shoulders is clearly nervous and it makes you look terrible onstage

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    Record yourself to get a better impression of what the audience is experiencing.

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    >Here's what I'm gonna tell ya
    >Tell em
    >Here's what I told ya.

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    Take a PR class

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    I do allot of presentations. The thing is to rehears it so many times when you go Infront it's automatic. Usually, when I start i speed up, and then slow down. But due to rehearsal, there's little to no fillers

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    OP fag here thank you all for the tips.

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    I am not sure how you'd do it as an adult but anons here have posted good shit.
    I was in an improv group in high school, and that was a really good way to improve public speaking. since you have to act like a goober in front of a crowd of people, you get good fast. my strategy was basically to just not devote much mental energy to the crowd. sort of like meditation, you just learn to be able to divert focus away from worrying about the crowd. I assume that's your issue, being self conscious about all the people and it makes you spill your spaghetti. eventually it really does become effortless. if you expose yourself to situations where you can speak publicly, that fear just goes away. I later took a public speaking course in college, and although it was just in front of a classroom, it was very effortless since I already had experience. people in the class would comment about how hard it was, but it's really just a skill you get better at. like anything.
    definitely look for a club near you to join. confidence is what makes you good at it. if you're not confident, just pretend. you will become confident. fake it till you make it.

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