This independent adjuster told me to not repair my roof because i can fight the insurance company for more money (hurricane damage).

This independent adjuster told me to not repair my roof because i can fight the insurance company for more money (hurricane damage). Absolute tard though, am I supposed to just not replace my missing soffits and leave my roof untarped?? I didn't listen to him and repaired that shit. Dunno what you anons think, kinda niche topic maybe. I live in Florida and fighting the insurance is a big business for people

  1. 4 weeks ago

    Don't do any repairs. Don't authorize any repairs without your insurer. Why the fuck would you pay for insurance if you just want to make yourself whole out of pocket??

    This is your mind on Florida.

    • 4 weeks ago

      Insurance was only going to pay under my deductible. Hurricane was months ago and im supposed to wait for my house to collapse? I already bought the soffits and installed them, I don't think it requires a license to understand how to install them and it's worth it just for not having rats and birds shitting up my attic. I only tarped the roof though, i think it's okay for the time being but i have shingles ready to go, I can do that. Hell that's what my neighbor did. Good luck getting a roofer to your house unless it's a big job. Adjuster insisted he can get a lot of money out of this but im skeptical

      • 4 weeks ago

        >pay under my deductible
        Sorry I meant they VALUED under my deductible. Hence it was all out of pocket anyway, plus I would have to get some mexicans with licenses to fuck up my roof

        • 4 weeks ago

          how high is your deductible
          after my dad passed i took over the house and found out his deductible was 10 fucking grand, changed that shit immediately, its 1000 now only premiums only went up by 400 a year

      • 4 weeks ago

        If your deductible wasn't so high this wouldn't be a problem. The real issue is your state and poverty.

        Wouldn't surprise me if your cheap insurance would disqualify you from future claims since the work isn't guaranteed.

  2. 4 weeks ago

    >am I supposed to just not replace my missing soffits and leave my roof untarped??
    Yup. If you get mold or water damage because of it make sure you claim that too.

  3. 4 weeks ago

    Totally agree with you. Why wait for the insurance company to come through if you can just fix it and be done with it. Won't make you poor, I assume, and you save yourself unneccessary trouble.

  4. 4 weeks ago

    Insurance companies around here now raise your rate whether it was your fault or not. I only got half of what it cost me for a new roof out of them, and they still raised the premium…. I probably paid 30 or 40 grand in premiums over 20 years with that one claim.
    Insurance companies have more people working on how to scam people out of money than actually doing their jobs (which is nearly a facade front for whatever it is they’re really really doing)

  5. 4 weeks ago

    If it was a <500$ repair, then maybe it was worth it to just fix it out of pocket in case it was going to be smaller than your deductible.

    But people should understand that you are paying insurance premiums based on half of the other users getting completely ridiculous huge payouts from the insurance company. There's an entire industry revolving around fighting the insurance company using corrupt meteorologists and corrupt engineers.
    Courts are actually often sympathetic to the policyholder because it fits the narrative of "big company bad".

    If you aren't getting huge payouts and a new roof every time there is a tiny bit of storm damage, then you're just paying premiums to cover the people who are. Being humble and deferential just gets you fucked over when you're dealing with insurance companies. The system is 100% set up to fuck you over, and if you're not fucking them--- then you are 1000% getting fucked over yourself.

    If the company you called to inspect the damage doesn't know how to push back against the insurance co and get all the damage covered, then you need to call someone else until you get the guys who make things work.

  6. 4 weeks ago

    >buy 20 year old house
    >inspector says the roof is near the end of its life cycle but doesn't find any shingles missing or holes
    >mild hail storm a few months later
    >roof salesman comes by with a drone and takes pictures of everything
    >one or two shingles look slightly damaged
    >send to insurance company
    >pay 2k and get a brand new roof with 30 year shingles
    >premium doesn't change
    fuck insurance companies, take all their money

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