Tell me about a time you got flagged or flagged someone.

Tell me about a time you got flagged or flagged someone.

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  1. 4 weeks ago

    >friends want to go shoot
    >"cool let's go do it at my place I've got plenty of space"
    >they whine because a state game range is closer
    >go there
    >set up
    >range is called cold
    >get IMMEDIATELY flagged by some gangsta looking guy with a loaded gun while others are down range
    >he's flailing it around taking pictures
    >someone yells ar him
    >"it's cool bro I'm not aiming at that side of the range"
    >proceed to yell harder at him and inform him the fact he has a loaded firearm in his hand while others are down range is not allowed
    >"dude chill bro wtf is your problem man"
    >goes off muttering with his group and leaves

    • 4 weeks ago

      You sound like a massive pussy. Did you know it was loaded? Was the hammer wienered? Was the safety on? Unless you can confirm any of those happened, I'd suggest you take a midol for your period cramps, mam. Why do women like you constantly throw hysterics into your stories?

    • 4 weeks ago

      >gangsta looking guy
      just say the word

      • 4 weeks ago

        >just say the word

      • 4 weeks ago

        Racism is bad

        • 4 weeks ago

          You are objectively wrong.

  2. 4 weeks ago

    >teaching younger brother how to use dad's 1911 since he always sees me shoot cans off the fence with it
    >gets it pretty quick
    >points it my way after he empties the mag
    >"m8, don't do that"
    >"but why?"
    >"shit's not safe"
    >"but it's empty"
    >set up watermelon on fence alongside cans
    >load one round into chamber while doing so
    >load full mag
    >7 rounds down range plinking cans
    >drop mag to show it's empty
    >put last round into watermelon
    >melon bits all over the place
    >"See, looked empty but it's not actually, and you might not notice it's still got a round in it sometimes, so just don't point it at someone else in general"
    >Mom later gave me shit for wasting a whole watermelon

    • 4 weeks ago

      Nice. That memory of his was worth the watermelon if he got the message.

    • 4 weeks ago

      Never. Though it's probably inevitable someone will flag me if I ever go to a public range I guess.

      >>Mom later gave me shit for wasting a whole watermelon
      Yeah I can see that, though on the other hand it's a pretty important lesson.

    • 4 weeks ago

      You selfish bastard, starving kids in Africa could've eaten that watermelon!

  3. 4 weeks ago

    >helping dad move some stuff for one of the elderly guys in his hobby group
    >comes up that he's got an 'all-correct' WW1 vintage 1911 somewhere in the boxes in his basement
    >find gun, pull it out of the holster and flip it on it's side to take a look at the slide
    >boomer nearly has an aneurysm and accuses me of trying to kill my father because he was standing next to me and "daggum thing could be loaded and go off at anytime don't never point nothing in nobody's general direction like that"
    >call him a fricking senile moron for getting this worked up because there's no way that's happening on a unwienered single action gun with a grip safety.
    >spends the rest of the day glaring at me a muttering stuff under his breath

    Best part was that he was trying to sell this thing for like $7,500 because "it's just like it rolled off the line in 1918" except it had been updated sometime afterwards and was not, in fact, "just like it rolled off the line in 1918".

  4. 4 weeks ago

    >at 4 way stop
    >windows rolled down
    >some skinny Black person on the sidewalk decides to lunge through passenger window to try and grab phone
    >pull Glock 17 from under left thigh and stick it in his face
    >legit almost brained the kid, trigger dingus was depressed and I squeezed to that final break
    >he vanished in a single frame
    Whole thing lasted two Mississippi

  5. 4 weeks ago

    >at an outdoor range
    >range is hot
    >its one of those ranges with the fricking blinders between stalls though
    >i'm focused at something 50 yards down range
    >guy suddenly jumps out from the blinder on my right waving wildly
    >flag him
    >yank the lever down
    >live round spits out the top
    >guy stares at me wide eyed for a moment
    >he almost just ate a .44 Magnum
    >'what the frick man you nearly killed me'
    >'anyways do you mind not shooting i need to go put up a new paper'
    >the range is hot moron
    >'well otherwise ill tell the RSO you flagged me'
    >range suddenly gets called cold
    >i can already see the RSO steaming towards the situation as moron continues
    >a whole ass reaming begins
    >RSO talking like he used to be a drill instructor
    >moron finally finds his balls
    >'but he flagged me!'
    >where are you standing?
    >guy is still standing on the range, by the divider
    >storms off

    I will not take a stall with anyone on either side of me anymore.

  6. 4 weeks ago
  7. 4 weeks ago

    >buy first handgun
    >show it to my mom
    >show her it's unloaded etc
    >give her a run down on gun safety
    >even thought it's unloaded, pretend it's still loaded
    >don't point it at anyone
    >finger off the trigger
    >out it on the table and tell her to check it out
    >she picks it up and immediately flags me with it

    • 4 weeks ago

      thats ok then as long as she had fun

    • 4 weeks ago

      >be Amn Anon, chair force nonner
      >get to qual on M9 for a deployment
      >CATM class is full of a broad range of people from different corners of the AF
      >instructors therefore have to dumb things way the frick down and repeat basic directions constantly.
      >drilled basic safety and range protocols numerous times for the first classroom half.
      >make it to the live fire section, proceed as normal
      >after the RO abruptly orders hold fire, some frumpy female finance TSgt turns around flagging everyone on the line
      >they just let her continue with a warning

      lmao this reminds me of showing my grandma a gun. it was unloaded and in a carry case but I still cringed hard when she grabbed it by pinching around trigger and the tang

  8. 4 weeks ago

    >show father in law my new scope setup
    >he walks to the window with it
    >loudly says "I wonder if I can hit the neighbors"
    >shoulders it and pantomimes full auto recoil while aiming down the driveway

  9. 4 weeks ago

    loaded or unloaded? if unloaded, the first week after we got rifles at basic training I was pointing that shit at everyone

  10. 4 weeks ago


    >so /gif/pilled all he can think of is British Broadcasting Corporation

    • 4 weeks ago

      Im not even into dark meat and she cute

    • 4 weeks ago

      I’ve only fricked 4 black girls and I regret it every single time don’t do it anon

      • 4 weeks ago

        stfu moron

      • 4 weeks ago

        I've fricked several and had my heart broken by a couple. I don't regret blowing any loads into those NVBIAN QVEENS.

  11. 4 weeks ago

    Once after a bar fight. Cops arrived and one of them pulled a gun on me. He then slipped in the puddle of blood on the floor and started windmilling his arms wildly to keep his balance. Life flashed before my eyes but thank god he didn't accidently pull the trigger.

    There's also been a few times overseas.
    Had a couple of border guards in Pakistan point AKs at me while they were asking for bribes.
    And my gf flagged me with a knock-off HK-33 when we attended a protest in Thailand and posed for photos with the private security they'd organized to keep the police from intervening.

  12. 4 weeks ago

    Well there was this time on a movie set where this 5/10 Latina cosplayer with a fat ass was handling the guns. Let's just say my flagging didn't end well.

    • 3 weeks ago


  13. 4 weeks ago

    oh sick, a completely made up greentext story thread, here's my contribution

    >be me
    >something that absolutely did not happen
    >ending that makes me look like I actually own a gun, that I'm the smart one in my made up story, and I totally was a bad ass

    true story, ama

    • 4 weeks ago

      But who was phone?

    • 4 weeks ago


    • 4 weeks ago

      sharing to r/greentext friendo!
      hopefully i (terminally online) end up in one of those youtube compilations and can die happy knowing that i am associated with the fringe site "four channel"

  14. 4 weeks ago

    >friends new boyfriend showing off revolver he built at his job

    >"don't worry it's empty I know since I built it"

    >points and pulls the trigger at my friend and I

    • 4 weeks ago

      did you die

  15. 4 weeks ago

    It's not actually on his toe so he's fine. Also the croc is protecting the muzzle from scratches.

    • 4 weeks ago

      Toelet detected.
      Post feet.

      • 4 weeks ago

        You wish.

        • 4 weeks ago

          You could totally embarass me right now by proving your toes aren't small, by posting a picture of your feet.
          Imagine how clowned on I would be if you posted a picture of your feet.

  16. 4 weeks ago

    Two instances relating to this come to mind
    >be me around 10 years old
    >visiting grandpa
    >he takes me to the range
    >setting up stuff
    >range is called cold
    >start walking out
    >hear a loud BANG a few spots down
    >someone yells ”sorry”

    Second story
    >be me
    >go into lgs
    >store has a few younger 18-20 year olds working there
    >most of the times I would come in, they would be obviously wienering shotguns or pointing pistols at the floor and dry firing them
    >whenever I asked to see a pistol they would flag me a bunch of times
    >the atf later shut the store down due to “discrepancies dating back years”
    >I actually really liked that store
    Even though the store was staffed by moronic zoomers I still liked going there. They had a lot of really cool consignment guns and one time I got a shitty Remington new model army reproduction revolver for 25$.

  17. 4 weeks ago

    >my dumb friend this
    >my dumb buddy that

    If you hang out with a confirmed moron, you deserve whatever happens.
    >but he's fun to be around

  18. 4 weeks ago

    >be working the range
    >pajeets come into shoot
    >group of 12
    >mostly guys 3 women
    >all of them barely speak English
    >give them a Mark IV and ammo
    >go over safety as slow and deliberate as possible
    >10 minutes later they have a problem
    >go in
    >woman turns on me with her finger resting on the trigger
    >immediately grab her hand and turn her
    >apologize profusely but tell her to never turn the gun on people like that
    >they leave after that
    >manager gets on my ass about it

    • 4 weeks ago

      >manager gets on my ass about it
      next time just magdump her, i guess

  19. 4 weeks ago

    my one friend uses the carry handle on his FAL and flags everyone's nuts constantly.

    • 4 weeks ago

      Not yours, ofc, since you obviously have a pussy

  20. 4 weeks ago

    I flag people at the range all the time
    Sometimes on purpose.

    I'm flagging you right now as we speak.

  21. 3 weeks ago

    >at yearly gunclub shoot, standing deer station
    >two chud fricks yapping it up, one had rifle under arm pointed out level to everyone's gut
    >"hey buddy can you please point that away?"
    >laughs, "so anyways I was fricking her and-"
    >I push the barrel down to the ground with force, "STOP AIMING YOUR RIFLE AT ME!"
    >he fricking starts motioning to shoulder it
    >"how 'bout you mind your own-"
    >sheriff on scene rips it out of his hands, two other guys grab him and his buddy
    >place is swarming with cops soon after, guess they had pot on hand and local no-guns ask to shut the event down.

  22. 3 weeks ago

    Accidentally flagged my gf teaching her to shot whilst having her toss clays. Was like 18 years ago and still internally cringe.
    I have been flagged by my friends too many times to count.

  23. 3 weeks ago

    when I was in the reenz some boot ro pretended to gun down the whole range with a 240, belt still in. twas a bad week for him

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