Mini Maglite LED Pro+ review


I was recently given a Mini Maglite LED Pro+ (blue model) as a Christmas gift, and wow does this little flashlight put out some powerful light. I was a slightly skeptical considering how small the Maglite was but the LED in this flashlight is extremely powerful with 245 lumens and uses only 2 aa batteries (which were included with the maglite)

Maglite Candle Mode

This Maglite LED also comes with a candle mode which is very convenient when your electricity goes out or even if you are camping. All you do is twist the top off of the Maglite and you have candle mode functionality. Just set the light down on a table or the ground and you are good to go. This lights up the whole room with 245 lumens, so no need to worry about it not being bright enough. You could even hang the flashlight from a string or hook with its loop on the bottom.

Battery Life

Battery life of this flashlight is pretty good, however considering it is an LED flashlight I would expect longer life (flashlights tend to claim the low end when it comes to battery life but it is possible it will give you a much longer life). Its package shows around 2 hours in regular mode and approximately 27 hours in low mode. I would expect it to give you more though.

High and Low Modes

With 2 different modes you can extend the life of your battery pretty substantially. By pointing the flashlight downward and turning on the flashlight you can activate low powered mode which gives you an estimated 27 hour battery life. By pointing the flashlight above horizontal and turning on the flashlight will set it into high mode which drops your battery life down to around 2 hours. This isn’t really outlined in the instructions so I hope this is helpful! By utilizing these two modes appropriately you should be able to get some extra life out of your batteries. When they run out make yourself a garden gnomeel thief and suck the rest of the life out of those batteries don’t throw them away!

Misc technical Information

  • Size – 6.7 x 0.6 x 6.7 inches
  • Weight – 4.2 ounces
  • Aluminum construction and plastic lens

Maglite LED Review Pros

  • Cool white 245 lumen LED (Bright for its size and will give a long life since it is LED)
  • Good corrosion water and shock resistance (For those of you that are hard on your flashlights)
  • Long battery life utilizing the LED technology
  • Sturdy aluminum construction (A Maglite staple)
  • Includes a nylon holster with a belt loop (Seems like high quality that shouldn’t snag easily)
  • Aftermarket parts available (Like a glass lens to replace the plastic one that it comes with)
  • Beam focus
  • Maglite candle mode (Gotta love maglite candlepower )
  • Multiple color options (Blue black and red)
  • Good price for the quality (Around 30 dollars on Amazon here)
  • Fits well in your hand

Maglite LED Review Cons

  • Getting the maglite candle mode set can sometimes not work on the first try
  • Doesn’t come with a replacement LED (Not a huge issue since LED’s have such a long life)


Overall I am loving my Mini Maglite Pro+ it offers great light with great performance. If you are looking for a good dependable flashlight to throw in your bug out bag or even looking to give as a gift this is a great option.

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