Living in a tent

Guys i need some advice. I might have go rouge and live in a tent for at least a year. Have any of you guys done it? if so how did you do it? Keep in mind i do have a regular job i need to go to everyday so i need to keep myself and my clothes clean. I need urgent advice.

  1. 3 weeks ago

    Bump. I don't have my driver's license but as soon as I get it I'm going to live innawoods im my tent. I want to live in a comfy national forest nearby and practice my bushcraft. I've never thought about employment other than trying to get a local job.

  2. 3 weeks ago

    Get yourself on the AT. The bubble is starting now.

    • 3 weeks ago

      what is the AT?

      • 3 weeks ago

        Appalachian Trail, you can through hike the whole thing in 5-6 months. People start now so the weather stays warm the whole way through, not sure why that guy recommended it since you need to stay in one spot for a job.

        Just buy a house with the money you get from working a job? Or do you spend too much of it on meth?

        • 3 weeks ago

          >Just buy a house with the money you get from working a job
          what an retarded thing to say in 2022

          • 2 weeks ago

            it's 2023

        • 3 weeks ago

          I vant but house or anything really. Can just about pay for toilet paper now. I need to get aeay from City, i owe too much money to garden gnomes right now.

        • 3 weeks ago

          I thru-hiked the (better) PCT. Ligmass.

        • 3 weeks ago

          >Yes out of state callifornian landlord company, here is 75% of all the money I make for 30 years in return for absolutely nothing other than you not kicking me out of my home. Awww you called me a good little goyim (: so worth it.

  3. 3 weeks ago

    Rouge is red makeup that women apply to their cheeks. So are you a crossdressing chud gay who slurps cum, or are you just another illiterate fuck who doesn't know how to spell?

    • 3 weeks ago

      Maybe he just wants to go to Louisiana

      • 3 weeks ago

        He could, he'd be dead in a week living homeless in Baton Rouge or New Orleans.

  4. 3 weeks ago

    Yeah, you'll need the car.

    Gym membership for showers/shaving, laundrette for work clothes. Aside from that it can't be too bad as long as you can rest comfortably. Or, you'll just end up sleeping in the car out of convenience.

  5. 3 weeks ago

    First thing to do is get a YMCA membership, or any gym that will allow you to shower and keep a personal locker. Keep your work clothes in your locker so they stay nice.
    Don't sweat finding the ideal squat/campsite right off the bat. Just get comfortable in the short-term so you can begin adjusting to the lifestyle, and keep your eyes and ears open for resources.

  6. 3 weeks ago

    I was stuck at work in middle of nowhere for 4 months by myself.
    Hardest part is replacing appliances

    • 3 weeks ago

      depends on where you're at but the largest difficulty here is heating and cooling. if going to work every day, trash/fridge is taken care of. toilet? lol. washing, gym. cooker, $20.
      no innawoods jobs ive ever had did not provide transport or reasonable accommodation for things like groceries

  7. 3 weeks ago

    Like other anons said, get a gym or ymca membership for showers. If there's a self storage place around get a small unit to store stuff or keep it out of the weather. If you can, create a rain-free space under a 12'x12' tarp and pitch your tent under it. You need as much dry ground as possible at camp. Keep your camp litter free and bury your shit and tp well away from camp, Try to not leave any food in camp or in your tent because it'll attract rats and their diseases. So, figure a way to not eat at camp. Unless you're camping on private land with permission or at a bona fide campground, don't get too comfy with a bunch of camp furniture because it'll be stolen pretty quick. Once a week, break down the tent and air it out along with the bedding. If you don't do this you'll have rats living under the tent. Research homeless resources in your area, they're familiar with your situation and can hopefully help with shit like bus fare, meals, medical services, etc. My guess is that you'll soon become weary of living in a tent and start looking for better digs or start banging dope to deal with the discomfort.

  8. 3 weeks ago

    Just apologize to your parents and microwave them a few hot pockets like usual you autist.

    If you are getting kicked out for drugs, go to AA or into a treatment program before you die.

  9. 3 weeks ago

    Guys im not a chud or druggie. Im going to be kicked out of my apartment soon and i cant afford a new one. Im prettt screwed right now. Tent is my only option right now. Washing and drying my clothes i have figured out i think. Toilet, im just going to shit at work and gas stations. Showering will be done at a gym or local water park. Food is no problem. Any good tents for long term camping? Dosent have to be a winter tent. And thx for the tips so far anons.

    • 3 weeks ago

      how are you getting kicked out of an apartment? and how can you not afford a new one if you have a job? just stop doing drugs.

  10. 3 weeks ago

    >that OP image
    was confused for a sec, thought I was on PrepHole

  11. 3 weeks ago

    Tea candles keep a tent warm in winter. Don't suffocate or burn your tent down like a tard.
    2 or 3 shitty tarps do just as well as the $400 tent if you set them up right.

    If you have pale skin, you're a mark.
    If you're fat, you're a mark.
    If you have nice shoes, you're a mark.
    If you have dangling garden gnomeelry, you're a mark.
    If you seem nervous, you're a mark.
    If you seem trusting, you're a mark.

    The woods behind Walmart ARE a good camping spot.
    Do not have a fucking fire in street view.

    The Police WILL fuck with you at every encounter.
    Normal people WILL call the police if they spot you.
    Deranged hobos WILL steal all your shit AT LEAST ONCE.
    Everyone is a friend during the day. NOONE is a friend at night.
    Cigarettes' are invaluable, especially if you don't smoke.

    Bathroom sinks are good sources for non-potable water, but restaurants are required to give free water in certain areas.
    The water in the pond is probably not drinkable, but still works fine for washing your clothes/yourself (do so in the dark, out of view)

    You had BETTER be able to defend yourself as violently as possible
    You had BETTER be able to sew, because an invasive tree branch during the 3am monsoon will make your dollar store rain fly holier than the bible.
    You had BETTER have friends in the area.

    Not that I would know.

  12. 3 weeks ago

    I had friends who dumped their old life in Washington DC and lived in a tent for two years straight. An obese middle-aged couple with two dachshunds. They did have a mini cooper with a small cargo trailer, allowing them to pack up and move every 14 days as is required on USA public lands. They also camped with van and RV dwelling friends for added security and companionship. The dude sold weed to van campers in Arizona in winter (back when it was still illegal), and got a summer restaurant job in a Colorado mountain town.
    Personally, I much prefer sleeping in my minivan, on a real mattress. Being solo, I don't have to setup and takedown daily, or risk leaving my camp unattended. The hard sides are far superior in foul weather and high winds. But tenting can be done. However, it might not be feasible to tent in your hometown. Climate, terrain, availability of public lands, distance to services, how to protect your belongings so you don't show up to an empty clearing at 7 pm on a cold wet evening - all this must be considered.
    Do you have a car? I've met a guy in Colorado who worked all day before hiking miles up a mountain to their tent. Wilderness trail maintenance crews are also a thing, you will work with hella cool people. Where in the world is open to you?
    AT thru hiking is strenuous and filthy, with cold rain or yucky bugs and humidity, but it is also companionable and rewarding if you are a hikenut. You won't be able to work while thru hiking, and you must have a few thousand dollars set aside for supplies and services.

  13. 3 weeks ago

    learn botany,

    alot of weeds are edible, wild spinach, wild plantain, amaranth, etc

  14. 2 weeks ago

    >I might have go rouge and live in a tent for at least a year
    tents arent designed for living in long term
    just live in a backpacker's hostel, they have discounted long-term rates or let you stay for free in exchange for doing like 10 hours of cleaning/laundry a week

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