>Be innawoods. >Night op larping. >Full kit multicam in U.S.

>Be innawoods
>Night op larping
>Full kit multicam in U.S. uniform helmet and all
>Sitting on top of hill watching valleys and stars
>See light flashing at bottom of valley
>Flash, Pause, Flash
>Repeats a couple of times until I realize it's an IR flash
>Take cover behind rock
>"wtf are you yelling at I'm right here"
>Suddenly IR illustrators and lasers pointed at my rock
>Autism kicks in
>Yell down to them
>Run like hell to truck down the dirt road
>Drive off

Tl;Dr live near forest where they do SERE training occasionally, forget that they do and spoke some soldiers

Also night stories thread.

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  1. 1 month ago

    great story made me laugh
    too bad it never happened

    • 1 month ago

      garand dumb told a story about how there was some fat moron woodsman who stole some of their food during SERE training or something
      don't remember the vid, might've been an interview

      • 1 month ago

        >some fat moron woodsman who stole some of their food during SERE training
        wtf sauce ?

        and if the woodsman managed to steal their food that means their security was shit

        • 1 month ago

          can't seem to find which video it was
          maybe someone else remembers

          • 1 month ago

            I don't remember which exact video, but it was one of the ones in his "deadly in the woods" series before he moved to Idaho.

            The dude was a legit mountain man and some kind of civvie instructor for the school that they would often bring in. he would check in on them periodically when they were out training. one time when they had made camp he snuck in there during the middle of the night or something and stole a bunch of their food. they caught him in the act, but he ran off with all his pilfered goods and apparently he was able to run through the woods so quickly and quietly that they weren't able to keep up and they lost him.

  2. 1 month ago

    honestly, which is worse? the story or the fact that you went and saved a pic of garandthumb via redbubble sticker store?

    • 1 month ago

      holy shit OP eternally BTFO'd.

  3. 1 month ago

    Post your gear

  4. 1 month ago

    Dude, this isn't the early 2000s internet. Why do you have to embarrass yourself? It's not even a site like plebbit where you can collect updoots. You gotta get that desperate feminine attention seeking checked out.

  5. 1 month ago

    you know in another world we could trade fun but obviously fake stories and laugh about it but no you all have to be a bunch of dicks about it
    go back

    • 1 month ago

      the incredible volume of maliciously bad slide threads has put people off even trying to parse what your silly insipid bullshit might be. they just see some kind of trole greentext and that's enough. people are struggling to keep their on-topic threads off page 10 and it makes for a sour atmosphere.

      you have to be more obvious. draw the skinwalker's red rocket upon spying you through the trees or something

      • 1 month ago

        take your paranoid schizophrenic rambling back to


        • 1 month ago


    • 1 month ago

      You're attacking the wrong people if you're being genuine. There's too many fricking ~~*government*~~ propaganda slide threads on here that it makes it impossible to have actual weapon discussions. OPs thread (yours?) just screams slide thread.

    • 1 month ago

      Sorry but you're taking up valuable board space that we could be using for another Ukraine thread.

      • 1 month ago

        wdym every thread is a ukraine thread you just need to look hard enough

  6. 1 month ago

    >be me
    >onna res going camping
    >near a place called devils heart
    >largest hill within 300 miles
    >my dad always talked about hearing drums
    while camping there as a kid
    >park truck near spot i plan to camp
    >unpack all of my shit and set up camp
    >grab fal and webbing and set out to find a nice place to shoot
    >break line of sight with my camp and truck
    >a few minutes later i start hearing "ehyaya ehyaya ehyaya" and drums
    >its coming from the direction of my camp
    >realize this and start running back to my camp
    >get insight of camp and see several prairie Black folk singing and dancing around my truck in headdresses
    >quickly load my fal and start shooting at them
    >all of the sudden they disappear and my truck bursts into flames
    >rush to my pickup but its too late my fire extinguisher is inside and consumed by fire
    >move all my gear away while trying not to cry over the loss of my camping truck
    >call the rural fire department and tell them whats going on
    >i then call my dad and ask him to pick me up and bring a trailer
    >nothing else happens that day
    >tell the rural fire that the exhaust on my pickup set the grass on fire while i was away
    >dad doesnt bother asking bc hes lived on the res his whole life
    >get home unhook the trailer and unload my shit and go to bed
    i fricking hate the res bros

    • 1 month ago

      >bunch of people be a bit rude/autistic at your vehicle but don't actually cause any harm or damage to your vehicle
      >shoot at them
      >be surprised and mad when they torch your vehicle in response

      • 1 month ago

        near where i live if a white persons vehicle is found on a reservation by a native and it cant be stolen it gets lit on fire if they think they can get away with it

  7. 1 month ago

    >”autism kicks in”
    yeah I gathered that right from the start

  8. 1 month ago

    >be me
    >go to families ranch with brother, friend and friends wife
    >hanging out around campfire after dinner enjoying some beers, a cigar, and the night air
    >friend puts on his NODS and walks off to go look at the hayfield in the lower valley
    >comes back 10ish minutes later
    >theres a big group of wild boars in the field
    >kinda buzzed but we both go load our ARs as quickly as possible
    >race down the hill in a side by side
    >park 100meters away so we can sneak up
    >manage to sneak up surprisingly close
    >3,2,1 open fire
    >for some reason the pigs run into the barbwire fence and then run across the road right in front of us
    >we just keep shooting them as they get stuck in the fence or run directly in front of us
    >killed like 14 pigs plus others that got shot but managed to keep running
    >even needed to reload to finish off some of the wounded ones

    one of the most fun hunting experiences ive had

  9. 1 month ago

    > be me
    > see another shit thread on /k/
    > decide to shit up the thread by either shitting on random unrelated bong equipment or going full warriorschizo
    > go to the next thread
    The warrior sucks dick

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