30 days survive without power.

In a bad situation the area you live at power gride is down.No power, No runing water,No police,No fast food places and No hospital for 30 days. You goal is try to survive for 30 days against,sickness,crime and hungry.

what gear would you have,what gun would you carry around,where would you stay at until everything is fixed and back to normal.

  1. 3 weeks ago

    I live right outside of DC so if there's no water, police, or electricity where I am, that implies that the entire country is fucked and I need to GTFO before nukes start flying.

  2. 3 weeks ago

    Well, with my super duper larp gear and my super duper Ar-15 I showed many times on PrepHole I am 100% sure I will be able to survive on my own

  3. 3 weeks ago

    Live anywhere there's hurricanes to get a taste for it. Two years ago we were out for ~30 days then a second storm hit. Wet wipes are your friends.
    t. Louisiana

    • 3 weeks ago

      >me going to live on the tornado valley
      >everyone builts woodden houses
      >me the intellectual pays more to built a house with proper base isolation foundation and reinforced concrete
      >tornado comes
      >closes my european style tilting windows
      >makes a drink
      >sits on the fireplace near the windows and watch the wooden houses flying around

  4. 3 weeks ago

    You wouldn't just have power anyway? Buy a generator moron.

  5. 3 weeks ago

    >In a bad situation the area you live at power gride is down.No power, No runing water,No police,No fast food places and No hospital for 30 days.
    Why the fuck would i want to live in Texas?

  6. 3 weeks ago

    Stay at home. Walk to the creek nearby to filter water every few days. Enjoy reading and working with hand tools. CC a p365xl like every other day. Eat lots of rice, beans, canned and fermented foods. Question why I didnt stock more booze. Surely youre not unprepared, r-right anon?

    • 3 weeks ago

      Im not really preaper I live in a college dorm and last night my power went out lucking I had a crank radio but I dint'nt have any water but some monster,soad,lemonade and kool aid but I am a retard from not hording enought water.I all so need stock pill on medicine and first aid kit for others as well the same night a girl needed medicine for pain but luckly my mother pack me some before i left god bless her.SO need food,water an dmore medica supplies but i do have a alot of knifes and books and also need more flashlight.

  7. 3 weeks ago

    >Mfw live in Europe
    Might aswel come out clean that I'm a /noguns/ tourist but this plays into my favour aswel because there won't be too many firearm-equipped robber bands going around. I also doubt there'll be fighting over food atleast in my area considering we're a major agricultural region. Granted it's all greenhouse agriculture but if we keep the stockrooms cool enough, on top of the stuff that's ready to pick at that particular moments, it should last the month to keep some stability in the region. That is if we can keep the urbanites out.
    >No power
    Inconvenient but not life threatning other than the aforementioned greenhouse problem. We've a decent stockpile of canned food and gas to keep going after our electric stove dies
    >No running water
    If there's a warning ahead of time we can stock up in barrels, otherwise I suppose I'll have to boil from the creek in the backgarden or get a water purifier beforehand to save gas
    >No police
    Shouldn't mean the end of the world but there'll probably be an increase in petty crime such as home invasion and robbing people at night due to the lack of streetlights. As long as I stay in my home and make it obvious there's people in my house ready to defend the place I think beyond some visual confrontations we'll go unharassed.
    >No fast food places
    I'll murder a guy if I can't get a broodje frikandel longer than a week, luckily those are also easily made on the gas BBQ
    >No hospital for 30 days
    I doubt we'll get anything worse than a few cuts and bruises and a stubbed toe.
    >what gear would you have,what gun would you carry around
    As I already mentioned i'm a /noguns/ tourist but if I get my cousin over he's got some airshit lying around. We can try (and probably fail) to look intimidating enough to keep people away from the house. Other than that I do happen to play baseball in minecraft
    >where would you stay at until everything is fixed and back to normal.
    The ol' house

  8. 3 weeks ago

    >In a bad situation the area you live at power gride is down.No power,
    Gonna suck but not unsurvivable.
    >No runing water,
    Got a well. Got drinks on hand. Got soup cans. Got containers I could fill up before the pressure drops. Got toilet reservoirs already full. And any situation ending in 30 days is going to involve places handing out water in the absolute worst case scenario.
    >No police,
    >No fast food places
    It costs you fucking nothing to keep a well stocked pantry full of non-perishables except some storage space. You can fucking rotate shit out as you eat the oldest shit. 30 days worth of food is like a shelf. You should be doing this in case of emergencies or just not being able to go to the store for some fucking reason anyway. Dumbshit.
    >and No hospital for 30 days.

    >You goal is try to survive for 30 days against,sickness,crime and hungry.
    Time to catch up on my reading and get in some exercise then.

    >what gear would you have,what gun would you carry around,where would you stay at until everything is fixed and back to normal.
    Why would I be "around"? It's clearly an emergency situation. Only emergency vehicles should be on the road unless travel is necessary. I'm obviously staying home.

  9. 3 weeks ago

    I'm about to start a farm with my family and most trusted friends to prepare for exactly this scenario

  10. 3 weeks ago

    >stock up on water and food
    >have alternative fuel for cooking and heat if applicable (wood, propane, etc)
    >wet wipes for hygiene
    It's not rocket surgery

  11. 3 weeks ago

    I live in first world country so i dont have to do anything.

  12. 3 weeks ago

    my parents own a farm and have a well that I can operate manually. Neighbors and us would just need to setup roadblocks and we have it pretty well locked down until Uncle Sam shows up.

  13. 3 weeks ago

    This would be a total nothingburger. I have far more than 30 days worth of food on hand just from normal stuff in the pantry (cans, pickles & preserves, dry goods like flour, cornmeal, beans, rice, etc.) and that's not even including my fridge or second chest-type deep freezer. I've got more than enough diesel on hand to run a generator to keep the fridge & freezer running for 30 days, and I've got months worth of propane in the tank for cooking, not to mention a grill, smoker, and several cords of firewood sitting outside. I could feed a family of 4 for 30 days easy and we'd be eating well too.

    >no power
    Annoying, but I've got a generator for the important stuff (fridge) and a couple of inverters that run on power tool batteries which could be used for charging phones or powering small devices.

    >no running water
    Again annoying, but not serious. I've got about 30 gal bottled drinking water on hand and 80 gal in the water heater all of which is available with zero warning. With warning I have plenty of containers that could be filled holding hundreds of gallons. Beyond that there's a big pond on the property, though that needs to be treated before drinking.

    >No police, no fast food, no hospital
    don't care about any of those. I don't expect legal trouble, I rarely eat out as it's a terrible waste of money and I cook better than most places anyway, and I don't expect medical issues either, I don't take any prescription drugs or need frequent medical care.

    Stay home, eat food from pantry/fridge, use pond water for flushing toilets.

  14. 3 weeks ago

    Ask the pilipinos what they did., the 2013 blackout caused by a hurricane lasted over a month

  15. 3 weeks ago

    Eastern Euro apartment dwelling fag reporting.
    Iam planning to stay put, unless things are gonna get blown up in my immediate neighbourhood.
    Food: qusqus, rice, flour, red lentils, canned tuna, canned meat, passata, canned beans and peas, dried vegetables, dried eggs, powdered milk, dried dates, homemade jams, lard, oil, sugar, salt, Hispanices - things that are either already edible or require very short cooking.
    Have 3-4 months worth of this shit.
    stove - liquid fuel (gasoline or diesel), laready have two stoves capable of preparing family sized meal on them and one smaller that will fit into bakcpack. Cooking breakfast and a simple dinner plus boiling 3 litres of water each day for month requires 5 litres of fuel. Have spare parts rubber hose and fuel cans.
    Water - get the 30 5 litre jugs of mineral water, I already have 10. A small portable filter would be a nice thing to have for bugout. Plastic buckets and garbage bags for improvised toilet. Few 10l HDPA cans for hauling and storing the water - nothing bigger, because containers have to be easily portable from the city well/distribution point to my apartment.
    Comms equipment - I have an old Sony Global radio that takes AA batteries, a wire antenna, tablet, mini radio/mp3, smartfone and few spare dumbfones. Dont bother with a Baofeng or other pmr, because frankly dont have no one to communicate with.
    Power - I have 60 watt solar panel that can be inserted behind my window with controller and 50ah agm battery. 12V DC chargers and adapter for laptop.
    Weapons - just two bp revolvers, smoothbore musket, rifle, ammo, two holsters (flap and shoulder) machete and few knives kek. Dont plan going to war or playing sheriff, but fags that will attempt to break into my apartment are in for an unpleasant surprise.
    Also have a decent surp sleeping bag, sleeping mat, light tent, thermal undies, woolen socks, normal outdoor clothing, paper map of the region and an old bike with a trailer.

  16. 3 weeks ago

    Is retreat to my tiny hunting cabin in the superior national forest with its wood burning stove and eat lots of beans and rice I guess. Would probably bring my mossberg 500

  17. 3 weeks ago

    I'm fine.
    >No power
    I've got solar (enough for the fridge, deep freeze, security system and a few extras at least)
    >No running water
    We've got a little over 150 gallons stored inside plus up to 500 in the rain barrel outside. We've also got 2 water filters, a steripen and aquatabs in our camping gear, and a container of pool shock in the basement.
    >No fast food places
    We've got at least 2 months of food in the pantry at all times plus fruit, vegetables, eggs and poultry coming from the garden.
    >No hospital
    Hospitals have generators bro and you bet your ass the government will want to keep them running.
    Hypothetically though, assuming they're fucked, I'm a doctor, my wife's a vet and her clinic's got solar panels of its own. I've got plans in place with a few mates. We're fine.
    >No police
    That's what guns are for. Not to mention my house is locked down tighter than a nun's cunt and I'm on good terms with most of my neighbors - we discussed what we'd do to look after each other back when the COVID/Floyd riots were in full swing.
    And our state's still about 90% white.

    >what gear would you have,what gun would you carry around,where would you stay at until everything is fixed and back to normal.
    I continue going to work as normal unless the hospital's no longer running in which case I either help my wife at her clinic or we hunker down at home until the chaos passes depending on how safe it is to travel the streets. We get together with our neighbors and make plans to keep the area safe.
    I'd probably step my ccw up to a full-size pistol (most likely my M&P) and I've got a II plate I could wear under my clothes if the streets are dangerous enough to warrant it (but in that case fuck going out). If we end up organizing some sort of patrol system with the neighbors then I'd go full /gq/ for that. I've even got some spare ar500 steel plates in a shitty airsoft-tier carrier I'll be generous enough to let one of the neighbors wear.

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